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This project has moved to http://www.membrane-soa.org/soap-monitor/.

Membrane SOAP/HTTP Monitor

Membrane SOAP Monitor is an open source tool to capture, display and manipulate SOAP and HTTP messages. The monitor can work as HTTP proxy or as forwarding HTTP proxy.

In figure 1 you can see a screenshot showing a captured request body.
Membrane SOAP Monitor

Figure1: Membrane SOAP Monitor


Java 1.5 or newer is required to run the monitor.

Installation and Starting

The installation is straight foreward and takes about 2 minutes:

  1. Download the distribution
  2. Unzip the archive in any folder
  3. Doubleclick on membrane-monitor.exe


You can send any questions, feedback and feature requests to info@predic8.com or you can browse the Membrane Monitor Mailing List Archive at Google Groups.


The Membrane SOAP Monitor software is provided under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0. The software contains external components and libraries. See the notice regarding external components in the distribution archives..