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This project has moved to http://www.membrane-soa.org/soa-registry/.

Lightweight SOA Registry

Organisations are using increasingly Web Services and are getting more and more dependent on these services. To minimize risks and to streamline the development and use of services SOA governance should be applied. A lot of SOA experts believe a registry is complicated to install and to maintain. Membrane registry is different: it can be installed in minutes and it gathers valuable information of your SOA by monitoring and analysing existing artifacts like WSDL documents and XML schemas.


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Tracking of WSDL Changes

If the interface of a service changes clients may break.
In a large network of internal and external services it is nearly impossible to track all the changes affecting interfaces. The Membrane SOAP Registry can track interface modifications for a large number of services automatically.

Web Services Monitoring

To guarantee the quality of service in a SOA you need to monitor the availability of your services. Membrane Registry can monitor all registered services for you. But it can do even more. It gathers availability data over a long period of time and makes this information available. So you can prove your service quality or you can prove downtimes of partner services.

Live Demo

Have a look at our public Web Services directory run by the Membrane Registry Software.


Membrane Registry is a regular Java EE Web application that can be deployed to any Web container or application server.


The registry can be installed in a minute.