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Membrane SOAP Monitor now Open Source

predic8 GmbH a fast growing provider of Web Services tools, today released an open source distribution of its SOAP tool Membrane Monitor.
The tool helps developers to log and analyze SOAP messages. Captured SOAP messages are formatted by a new XML beautifier that makes it easy to analyze even complex messages. “We got frustrated in debugging applications that use the Web Services Security standard for signing and encrypting SOAP messages. To understand better what goes over the wire we developed the monitor” says Thomas Bayer, founder of the predic8 company. “The existing tools worked on the TCP or HTTP level so they had no clue about XML.” adds lead developer Malkhaz Gaprindasvilli. Membrane Monitor basically is an HTTP forwarding proxy but it recognizes XML and SOAP in the payload of a message. The monitor starts out of the box without any configuration. The requirements are Windows and at least a Java 1.5 runtime.

To download the monitor or to find more information please go to

About predic8

Predic8 is an open source company providing lightweight but flexible tools for Web Services and SOA monitoring that are easy to deploy and maintain. The company provides professional implementation and support services for the Membrane family of Web Service tools.
Predic8 is located at the city of Bonn in Germany.
To learn more visit www.predic8.com

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