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ActiveMQ, HornetQ or RabbitMQ 04/11/13

New Article, which compares several Message Broker is online now!

ActiveMQ for Administrators 07/29/11

Administrators, even without any knowledge in programming, can now learn in our ActiveMQ training course how to install, administrate and operate a message broker. Among other things lots of exercieses teach you to:

  • setup a master/slave cluster
  • configure JDBC persistence into a database
  • build up a store and forward network
  • configure client failover
  • increase the broker performance

Glassfish ESB versus Servicemix 03/24/09

This new version of of our online article compares Glassfish ESB v2 GA and Apache ServiceMix 3.3.
Both ESB products are supporting the JBI standard but besides that they are very different.

REST Web Sercvices Screencast 08/14/08

This screencast shows how to access a REST resource. The RESTful Web Service is realized with sqlREST. sqlREST is an open source gateway, providing relational databases in the form of REST resources.