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Protocol Buffers, Etch, Hadoop and Thrift Comparison 04/15/10

This article compares some popular frameworks which are used for object serialization. Cause of versioning, small footprint and high performance these frameworks can be interesting for remote communication, too. Besides Google's Protocol Buffers and Facebook's Thrift we also compare some open source frameworks like Etch, Hadoop Avro and Hession.

Reading WSDL Explained 08/26/09

WSDL Tree Diagram

The Web Service Description Language is used to describe Web Services ubiquitously. Tools reading WSDL documents make it easy to implement or invoke a service. Usually it is not neccessary for programmers to read WSDL in order to create or consume a service. On the other hand WSDL is an essential technology for SOA experts. They write guidelines and rules for WSDL and they have to do quality assureance for WSDL documents and generators. This online article explains how to read a WSDL document using the description of a free Web Service for banking codes. The WSDL is analyzed step by step and transformed into a diagram showing the structure of WSDL.

EIP Patterns using BPEL 03/24/09

In this new series of online articles we are describing the realization of Enterprise Integration Patterns using the Business Process Execution Language. The first article explains how to implement a XPath Splitter using Glassfish ESB, Netbeans and BPEL.

Glassfish ESB versus Servicemix 03/24/09

This new version of of our online article compares Glassfish ESB v2 GA and Apache ServiceMix 3.3.
Both ESB products are supporting the JBI standard but besides that they are very different.

REST Introduction 02/18/09

Read the translation of an introductory article about the REST architecture. The article uses a lot of examples and diagrams to illustrate the ideas behind RESTful Web Services.

Web Services with Groovy and JAX-WS 12/22/08

Due to the strong integration in Java, Java libraries and servers can easily integrated in Groovy scripts. This article describes how web services can be implemented with Groovy and JAX-WS.

CSV to XML Marshaler 09/02/08

This article describes the function and integration of a CSV to XML converter for the Apache ServiceMix Enterprise Service Bus.

Apache Axis2, CXF and Sun JAX-WS (Metro) in comparison 08/04/08

This article describes the differences and provides decision guidance for developers and architects.