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Analyse WSDL 06/12/13

Get a free report from your WSDL online. The report gives valuable information about the interoperability and the service design.

Reading WSDL Explained 08/26/09

WSDL Tree Diagram

The Web Service Description Language is used to describe Web Services ubiquitously. Tools reading WSDL documents make it easy to implement or invoke a service. Usually it is not neccessary for programmers to read WSDL in order to create or consume a service. On the other hand WSDL is an essential technology for SOA experts. They write guidelines and rules for WSDL and they have to do quality assureance for WSDL documents and generators. This online article explains how to read a WSDL document using the description of a free Web Service for banking codes. The WSDL is analyzed step by step and transformed into a diagram showing the structure of WSDL.

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